A little insight into BEST BALM

My family have used it for many years, any muscular problem and they reach for the balm.

On entering the navy years ago, my daughter packed the balm into her kit, fellow sailors noticed the fresh, stimulating aroma when she used it on her sore muscles after strenuous exercise.

She gave little samples for people to try and the word spread.

Home on leave one day she said “Mum we have to label and name this balm!”

After many suggestions were bantered about BEST BALM was born because they agreed it was “The Best“ thing to use for muscular soreness.

Many naval personal use it now thanks to my daughter as she moves about Australia in different postings.

The beauty and effectiveness of the product is due to its natural organic components being absorbed through the skin into the muscle.

Many other products, which shall remain nameless just sit on the surface of the skin and produce heat for a short time.

** Now available in 40ml limited release jar **


Aromatically Yours


Best Balm (50ml)